Our Museum and Headquarters

Founded in 1970, the Vernon Township Historical Society has been instrumental in the preservation and protection of many historic sites, archives, and other resources. The Society currently consists of a 10-member Board of Trustees, a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, curator, and membership. The Society meets once a month on the third Friday at 7 p.m. at the Senior Citizen Center on Church Street in the municipal building. The public is invited to attend and is encouraged to join the society. 

The Society is also instrumental in preserving and protecting historical sites. Vernon Township has two sites that are listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places, both of which the Society was instrumental in nominating and preserving.

The Society maintained an office in the Vernon Township Municipal Building on Church Street in Vernon from the late 1980s until 2012 when it moved into its new museum headquarters and permanent home the Vernon Township Board of Education gave to the society at 293 Route 94 in Vernon, New Jersey. The BOE deeded the building to the Township of Vernon for the express purpose of dedicating the building for the Vernon Township Historical Society. This is a long time and well-respected tradition of Boards of Education and governing bodies throughout our neighboring communities where their history and historical societies are valued for generations to come. Sadly, just six years later, the Board of Education took back its building from the historical society and sold it.

The society’s many programs, events, snd meetings are held at our museum throughout the year. Our monthly trustee meetings and monthly scenic byway management plan committee meetings are also held at our museum. The public is welcome to attend any of our meetings.

The Society has genealogy archives the public can view by appointment. we also have  a genealogy expert who will assist in researching family histories. We are always open by appointment for review of our archives. We also accommodate school groups, scouts, and senior citizens at our museum and at our historic sites. The Society also maintains the one-room schoolhouse on Price’s Switch Road in Vernon and sponsors educational programs there and in Vernon Township Schools. While the society continues to lease the building and garage, the Barrett House Museum is now closed as the building is not suitable for housing sensitive archives.

Our Education Committee, consisting of Fran Boltz, Jessi Paladini, Nancy Adam, and Dick Wetzel, does special presentations in our schools regularly and also upon teacher request. Each spring, the Society does a hands-on archaeology program for township sudents and in August a hands-on program at the one-room Price’s Switch Schoolhouse.

All of our members are volunteers who are dedicated to the preservation of our historic and cultural resources and in educating the public on Vernon Township’s rich history.

Our Meetings

Vernon Township

Historical Society

P.O. Box 387

Vernon, NJ 07462


Meetings are held

every third Friday

of the month at the

Senior Citizen Center

Vernon Municipal Building

21 Church Street

Vernon, NJ 07462

7 p.m.

Western Highlands Scenic Byway Committee Meetings are held four times a year on a Thursday night at 7 p.m.


President - Jessi Paladini

Treasurer - Nancy Adam

Secretary - Linda Winters


Nancy Adam 

Diane Banks

Richard Carson

Judy Storms

Linda Winters


Lisaann Permunian

Honorary Lifetime Trustee

Ronald J. Dupont Jr.